The Sizing charts below should only be used as a guide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are unsure on what size to purchase or you require a size that slightly varies to the ones listed below as we know that we are all created to be unique! We suggest using a fabric tape measure, but if you do not have one then marking it on a piece of string and measuring that works perfectly too!


Measure your dog’s allowing for a two finger fit (sideways) between your dog’s neck and the collar – it should feel snug so they can’t slip out of it but not tight. This ensures the collar is comfortable and not chocking the dog when on

Extra Small - Length 15 - 30cm

Small         - Length 25 - 38cm

Medium      - Length 35 - 50cm

Large         - Length 48 - 68cm


We don’t have any recommendations on the bow tie sizing! Some like ‘em big on their lil dogs, others small on their giant dogs but we do suggest our teeny size for kittens and other animals such as bunnies (as seen modelled by Gonzo from @a_samoyed_called_opie).

Teeny        – 6 x 3cm

Extra Small – 8 x 5cm

Small         - 10 x 7cm

Medium      - 14 x 10cm 

Large         - 18 x 12cm 


The "Over the collar Bandanas" should be at least 4cm short than your dog’s collar to allow for minimal bunching, and be easily threaded onto the collar

Extra Small - 16 x 12cm

Small         - 22 x 17cm

Medium      - 28 x 21cm

Large         - 34 x 26cm


This bandana, both the double sided and neck square, can be purchased a little large as it can be rolled down to get the length you like the look of – we recommend you use the two finger technique like you did for the collar when measuring.

Extra Small – Neck up to 20cm

Small         - Neck up to 30cm

Medium      - Neck up to 43cm

Large         - Neck Up to 56cm


Please note that due to the nature of all our products being handmade, products may vary slightly in size +/- and pattern placement will be different on each product.