Autumn Rainbow - Neck Square

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Are you ready to join the cool dogs around town and own your own stylish bandana, because I’m sure you’ve heard or seen that that’s fashion darling.

Our one sided fabric that go by the name of Neck Squares.

Each of our beautiful bandanas are made from 100% cotton poplin and sourced ethically from designers all over the world and printed right here in Australia! Every single bandana is cut and made to order, which means each item you purchase is made with extra love just for you.


  • Tie allows you to by a bigger size to grow with your dog – why buy one that only lasts a few months when you can be sustainable and use it for years to come!
  • You’re being kind to your wallet as well as your environment – mother earth needs a helping hand so lets start with the small things!
  • Our Neck Squares are perfect for the small, growing pup as it can be rolled to be a more appropriate sizer and effectively grow with the puppy. 

How do our bandanas work?

For our beautiful neck squares you have options (see our diagram in the pictures for a visual):

  1. Fold the square diagonally into a triangle, roll the top down as much as required to achieve the perfect length and tie!
  2. Fold it into a triangle and then roll, roll, roll until it become a long strip, then tie!


Please view our size chart here and don’t forget when measuring your pooch for a over the collar bandana to allow at least 5 cm (2 inches) for the bandana to sit without over bunching!


  • We recommended you spot clean or hand wash you bandanas (we say hand made = hand washed) to help them last longer, although if they get extra muddy a quick machine wash will do the perfect trick just make sure you put the machine on delicate!
  • If your item is wrinkly and you think it needs an iron, please use a tea towel over any present initials or bandana adds on to protect them.
  • We all know there is nothing better than a bit of ruff play, but we recommend removing your products during this time to help keep them looking beautiful and to avoid any bandana related injury (we all know how wild hanging out with your besties can get sometimes!)
Although we try to be as accurate as possible with the cutting and sewing of all our products sizes may vary slightly due to them being handmade. Please note that due to the nature of the fabric patterns, each print placement will vary slightly to allow us avoid any unwanted waste.