Balloon Dogs - Bow Tie

Balloon Dogs - Bow Tie

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This beauty was one of our favourites, Memphis's, birthday want! Memphis wanted a print that could not only be worn for his own birthday, but be worn to celebrate other dogs!
He wanted to achieve something genderless and happy that makes you smile when it's on, with a reversible side that isn't party specific side for those days that need a bit of extra cheer!

We are in love with Memphis's birthday print, and we think you will fall in love with him! Check him out on instagram @walkin.with.memphis

Handmade with love from 100% Cotton Poplin Fabrics made exclusively for us by our beautiful friend, and ethically printed locally in Australia that are cut and made to order.

Please note that due to the nature of the pattern, each accessory will vary in look slightly. 


To help your product last longer, we recommended to only spot clean (DO NOT soak or submerge in water as this may cause it to lose some shape)

We all know there is nothing better than a bit of ruff play, but we recommend removing your products during this time to help keep them looking beautiful!