Dog Travel Mat
Dog Travel Mat
Dog Travel Mat
Dog Travel Mat
Dog Travel Mat
Dog Travel Mat

Dog Travel Mat

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The dog product you didn’t know you needed.

Our Urban Fur travel mats are made to be used at home or when out and about. With it’s size, style and versatility you can use it for placement training at home, to park your dog on when you’re visiting you favourite local café or if you want to bring them along to a cute picnic stop (pssstt the large is also the perfect size for you to sit on it with your pooch which means less stuff to take for those quick trips!)

These stylish mats are hand sewn using a heavy-duty canvas that is woven and printed right here is Australia, which makes them easy to wipe down or throw into the washing machine when they get dirty out on your adventures.


  • Folds into a convenient travel size
  • Has handles to transform the mat into a tote for ease in taking places
  • Ties shut to avoid the need to velcro replacement after continuous use
  • Comes in cute prints to match all your other dog accessories
  • Three sizes to meet your bed needs.


  • Small - 60cm x 70cm
  • Medium - 70cm x 110cm
  • Large - 80cm x 130cm


Normally we say handmade = hand washed but we have tested this bad boy in the washing machine and he is good to go! This is all due to the nature of the stitch, our capacity to overclocked and secure all the hems and our ability to source incredible Australian made fabrics - of course we still recommended washing this product on a delicate cycle to keep it more beautiful for longer!

Please note that the fabric for these are purchased once ordered due to the large amount of fabric needed. Please allow for 2-3 weeks from date of ordering for the product to be sent for delivery. We do this so that we can offer you cute fabrics and not compromise on the prints or quality of canvas.

If you wish to have a custom print done for your travel mat, please select 'custom' and we will contact you within 24-48 hours of your order being placed to plan and create your dream print.