Martingale Collar
Martingale Collar

Martingale Collar

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Martingale collars, or also known as no slip collars, are the perfect collars for dogs that have necks wider than their heads - the typical hound! Although they are made for hounds, they are safe to use for any dog that's worked out how to escape! They are made so that the dog isn't able to 'slide' out of the collar, as they can with a regular one, as it gets tighter as the dog pulls taking away the ability for them to back out if it. 

This collars are not recommended for use around the house and should only be used when the dog is out adventuring with you. 

If you chose to have two prints, the second option that you pick will be used on the smaller of the two loops. 


Our martingale collars are one size! They are 3.8cm in width and adjust from 28cm to 54cm - if you require a different adjustable length please don't hesitate to contact us here so the perfect custom fit can be arranged.  

The largest measurement of your dogs neck when putting on the collar is when the collar is being slipped over the ears, so when you are measuring please ensure the measurement is the one seen as A in the image below 

When checking correct size of the martingale collar on your dog, the smaller loops metal wear should not be touching when the collar is pulled taut, you should be able to fit three fingers along the gap. 



  • To help your product last longer, we recommended to only spot clean or hand wash and iron when necessary. Our collars are machine washable but this is not recommended as it can scratch the metals - if you wish to pop you collar in the washing machine be kind to it and place it in a garment bag to minimise any damage to the hardware.

We all know there is nothing better than a bit of ruff play, but we recommend removing your products during this time to help keep them looking beautiful and to avoid any collar related injuries. 

Please also note that due to the nature of the fabric, pattern placement may vary slightly with each product.