Mustard Neck Square

Mustard Neck Square

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With material that has been carefully selected to match every pooch, our neck squares make the perfect bandana for everyone!

These beauties have the ability to grow with your fur baby, so you can buy the smoll pupper a big bandana that is able to grow with it by simply rolling the top less to allow for more material to show.

Not to mention, this plaid range is all you'll ever need and more! Its breathable, soft and has an extra level of warmth to keep you pooch warm well out on the cooler adventures!

How to use our neck squares

There are two ways that people love to tie their neck squares - simply follow the diagrams below! And don't forget, there are endless limits out there so have fun


P.S option two looks good on the pawrent, nothing beats a matching bandana so make sure you order a large for yourself!

To help your product last longer, we recommended to only spot clean or hand wash and iron when necessary (please use a tea towel over any present initials to protect them).

We all know there is nothing better than a bit of ruff play, but we recommend removing your products during this time to help keep them looking beautiful!